Katelin Saubestre

"Like Clockwork" - Kate Saubestre, 2014

"Tamar" - 2014

Sometimes my friend asks me to draw her things and this is what happens.

Rough copy.

"Nightmare Sleeps" - Kate Saubestre, 2013, oil on canvas

New photos up of a weekend to California. —> http://youngnachos.tumblr.com

getting back into painting. 

"Skin" - Kate Saubestre, 2014

In today’s culture, the act of presenting one’s skin often leads to a sexual connotation or leaves the figure up for critique. By using a minimalistic approach, I attempted to strip all of the unnecessary judgments associated the showing of skin. Instead I wish to lead the viewer to look let skin be what it truly is: skin. 

I’ve been looking a lot through the lens in black and white recently, and thought I would apply it to my art. Working mostly from a surrealist methodology and allowing my subconscious to come forward.

"Waiting for a SONNYafternoon." Colored pencil on paper, 2014 - Kate Saubestre

Preview from a project I have started called, “The Portrait Sketchbook Series”. In my life, I’ve had the blessed opportunity to come in contact with many people who have influenced my being or taught me valuable lessons. I find myself growing through others in two ways: by either observing the other or letting my guard down and sharing an intimate moment/engaging in a very personal conversation. However these moments usually these raw and intimate moments are very fleeting and I find that after they have happened, although the bond has increased, people often go back to their typical routine and never talk about what happened. By sketching the other’s face it allows me to capture how I view the person, or their spirit in a sense, and help me self-reflect on and document someone who has shaped my view on and experience of life.